Ameiko Kaijitsu

Owner and operator of the Rusty Dragon


CG female human aristocrat 1/Bard 3/Rogue [rake] 1


Owner and operator of the Rusty Dragon. One of Sandpoint‘s most popular eateries and inn’s is made so, in large part, by the spicy and exotic foods that Ameiko serves. It certainly doesn’t hurt that Ameiko’s beauty is more than matched by her skill at music, and few are the evenings that pass without at least two or three songs being performed by the talented woman.
Some bad blood exists between Ameiko and Cyrdak Drokkus, and one never seems to miss a chance to badmouth the other, but no one in town really understands the reason behind their rivalry.
Of greater concern to Ameiko is her long-running feud with her family – leaving town to become an adventurer scandalized her family enough. But when she retired from adventuring a year later after a disastrous mission (the nature of which she never speaks of), she returned to Sandpoint and bought and renovated the Rusty Dragon – an act that only further scandalized and shamed her father. Ameiko claims not to care about her father’s opinions of her choices, but becomes evasive when anyone asks her why she gave up the adventuring life. Some believe she has a secret lover in town, while others theorize that something happened on her last adventure that took the bravery out of her.
In any event, the Rusty Dragon is probably the most adventurer-friendly establishment in town.

Ameiko Kaijitsu

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