Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings - Part 1: Festival and Fire

Gained local celebrity status at the end of the goblin raid. Being offered discounts at stores and free drinks and food at the local taverns and eateries. Even a weeks free room and board at the Rusty Dragon Inn.

Fended off goblins during the raid, the crazy bastards were in such a roe that they were jumping from buildings and dying without out our help. Saved some structures from catching fire by killing the pyros before they set the buildings ablaze.

Saved Aldern Foxglove, a Magnimarin Aristocrat, from a goblin commando and thanked us profusely inviting us to go hunting with him where he purchased us mounts and freely gave them to us – stabling and upkeep is on our own. On the way to the hunt, Aldern was very inquisitive of Figh Turr and the incessant questioning grew to crate on our nerves. We were successful in our hunt and returned to the Rusty Dragon Inn and presented Aimeko Kaijitsu, the proprietor, with a good size boar to roast on the following day.

While awaiting the boar to finish its roasting in the kitchens a tian man burst into the inn’s common room and demanded to see his daughter. When she did not immediately appear, he approached our table and somehow began to twist the goblin raid to be our fault as though we were the cause of the raid. Just as Figh Turr was begining to lose his temper Ameiko stepped out of the kitchens brandishing her ladle and told the man to leave in no uncertain terms. This angered the man and they began to argue in their own tongue so that none in the room knew what was said until Lonjiku, Ameiko’s father, insulted her and left nearly bringing Ameiko to tears. Toron inquired after her and found out that Lonjiku had given her an ultimatum to follow him back to their estates in Magnimar or be written out of the family’s will.

The following day we were summoned to Sheriff Hemlock’s offices and were informed that after questioning the captured goblins that he believes that the goblins were sent to the town by a human as a distraction for that person to conduct some nefarious deed while the townsfolk were otherwise occupied.
Father Zantus was there to back up the sheriff’s theory saying that he had found a ladder against the wall to the graveyard. Upon inspection he discovered that the former head priest’s burial vault had been disturbed but was unsure of to what extent as he came directly to the sheriff with the news before investigating further.


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